Balkan Fever

Balkan Fever

Balkan Fever offers the best Balkan-influenced tunes and grooves from all over the world.

Have you heard of the Dancing Plague of 1518? It was a dancing mania that took place in Strasbourg in 1518. People just couldn't stop dancing, and without rest or sustenance, some fatalities occurred. The Balkan Fever Festival of 2012 will induce dancing mania, too; but where the Alsatians danced for a month, the people of Helsinki will dance for three nights, with plenty of refreshments and other sustenance on hand. This is the sort of choreomania that sets you free instead of enslaving you.

Balkan Fever clubs have been setting Helsinki dance floors on fire for a half a dozen years now. The bands and DJs have come from all over Europe and the club's residents Borzin and Levy have travelled all over the continent, too, all in the name of freeing people's asses so that their minds may follow.

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