Wildlife Weekend

Wildlife Weekend

Wildlife Helsinki takes place every May in the heart of Helsinki. The terrace of mbar has been a central venue from the beginning of Wildlife. Mbar is offering free high-end programme for the audience to enjoy.

The festival features a rich line up of electronic music, ranging from dubstep to skweee and more rooted sounds of dub and reggae and afro sounds. A large list of leading artists such as as Jimi Tenor and Desto, Clouds, Uusi Fantasia, Soom T, Levon Zoltar have performed live at mbar Wildlife events. The programme is also heavily emphasized around dj culture. Wildlife is bringing active djs to showcase their selections and mixing skills at the number one outdoor terrace in Helsinki.

Wildlife showcases annually a wide portfolio of street art. Every year a big paintwall is built in front of mbar terrace. The audience can witness live painting while enjoying the music program of mbar. Wildlife has invited numerous well known graffiti artists from Finland and abroad, such as Sickboy (UK), Boswell (UK), EGS and Trama just to name a few.
Paintwall is built in cooperation with Geezers.

Traditional Skweee-Sunday represents the major skweee artists from Nordic countries and other parts of Europe. Skweee is a musical style, with its origin in Sweden and Finland. Skweee combines simple synth/chiptune leads and basslines with funk, R&B or soul-like rhythms, overall rendering a stripped-down funky sound. The tracks are mostly entirely instrumental, though there are exceptions. Every year participants arrive across Europe to perform live at this classic event.

Come and join us at Wildlife Festival, every May at mbar!

The event website can be found at www.wildlife.fi and at Facebook

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