If the music has longing, sounds melancholic or is just plain dark while having groove and rhythm it’s probably Eltron’s cup of tea.

Usually at his post as the PA tech in quality underground venues, Eltron has found a perfect balance between the sound and the music. It all started out sometime around 2003 with mostly rap and hip hop, naturally.

After setting up the sound it was convenient to secure a spot in the line up just to test out the sound system, allowing him to evolve into a real feel good opening act. In 2006 after finding his way into electronic music through the golden age of grime and dubstep the electronic music started to take get a foothold in his musical preference.

Driving his selection to mix both the obscure electronic and more straight up four to the floor material. And while that sound is still very relevant, his recent acquisitions are more in the dub and roots reggae genre of music.

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