Dj Mizfire aka Paula Finer is a drum and bass dj from Southern Finland. She got her first touch with drum and bass back in 2007 through groups like Prodigy and Pendulum.

She grew up listening to rock, preferring the harder side and was introduced to electronic music in her late teens. First to house and electro and finally to drum and bass. She fell in love with the bass and after 6 years of passionately listening to dnb and watching a friend play at their parties she got the idea of learning to play herself. 

She got her own cdj’s in 2013 and was soon playing for her friends and at private parties. Mizfire likes to play energetic and melodic drum and bass from feel good and easy to dark and hard. She loves tunes with jamming vibe and deep bass. She is only at the beginning of her dj-journey so there’s a lot more to see from her in the future.

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