Egg Sheppibone

Egg Sheppibone

Egg is all about quality music.

Egg Shen was not born, he materialised directly into the body of a San Francisco bus driver. Egg helped Jack Burton defeat the evil warlock Lo Pan (accurately portrayed in John Carpenter's 1986 documentary film Big Trouble in Little China). Shortly after that, his spirit moved into the body of legendary producer Shep Pettibone where Egg helped oversee the production of multiple remixes including Shep's version of Depeche Mode's Behind The Wheel. For a brief period in 1987-1988 Egg occupied the body of Jean-Claude Van Damme (it was Egg's idea to bust some fancy moves in front of Cannon Films head honcho Menahem Golan, which landed Van Damme his iconic starring role in Bloodsport).

Egg took time off in the nineties, vacationing in spirit form on the outer rim of the cosmos. In 2004 he returned and has since resided within a Finnish telecom engineer/record collector. His spirit has sometimes even resided in individual twelve inch releases which now fetch a high price on the second hand market.


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