FIN/UK, Hospital Records, Spearhead Records


FIN/UK, Hospital Records, Spearhead Records

L.A.O.S. produce melodic drum'n'bass with influences from club music such as dubstep and future garage, this means that their tunes are no stranger to the dance floor.

Having just released their debut album 'Finally' on Terry Hooligans BASS = WIN label, L.A.O.S. is ready to rock the crowd with a full live performance of their latest productions featuring MC Reefer. L.A.O.S. is long-term djs / producers Abraham, D-Bex and Jayem and a vocalist Alexx whose silky voice you surely have heard on most of the L.A.O.S. tracks.

L.A.O.S. Live consists of bands own boys and girl, guest artists and vocalists. The line-up for the live is build for every gig individually and it can range from three member turntable-effects-laptop mayhem up to six member band with live drummer, bass player and vocalists.

They have released their music mostly on UK-based labels like Hospital Records, Viper Recordings and Spearhead Records to name a few including many collaboration projects and remixes. L.A.O.S. sound is mainly melodic, dancefloor oriented Drum & Bass and Dubstep but their wide aspect in music wont hold them in one genre. As one wise man said: "There are only two types of music: good and bad".

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