Head to Head

Head to Head

Internationally renowned trumpeters Jukka Eskola and Verneri Pohjola join forces in an exciting new project. Head to Head presents music tailored for a two-trumpet quintet, simultaneously featuring the strong, personal sounds of some of the most unique musicians of the Finnish jazz scene.

A group featuring two trumpets is a comparatively rare sight. Jukka and Verneri have chosen to steer clear of the normal "battle" premise usually associated with two-trumpet musical situations, rather featuring their unique musical sensibilities and blending the cool sound of their instruments. Their repertoir consists mainly of original compositions, arranged by the whole group together.

"Head to Head - Eskola meets Pohjola"
Verneri Pohjola - trumpet
Jukka Eskola - trumpet
Teemu Viinikainen - guitar
Antti Lötjönen - bass Mika Kallio - drums

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