NMD / Sweat Lodge Radio - Berlin, DE


NMD / Sweat Lodge Radio - Berlin, DE

Ossios was not born out of the love of two underground musicians and does not count sharing turntables with infamous djs around the world. He was born in Mexico City and for him, it has always been about the music.

At first he was listening to jazz music, 90's hip-hop but slowly grooved into the sounds of House. A big turning point in his life was when he discovered 'Reason' and start building his own sounds with it.

Ossios lived in Berlin for 3 years and got inspired by the city, the whole culture of techno and how it felt to actually touch and feel the music through vinyl records.

He is co-founder of "Nomada Music Day" a collective based in Mexico City where they produce events involving audio-visual experiences, bookings , and now launched "Varios Artistas" a label to share music from all around. Ossios is also a part of the family of the italian Slow Motion label and hosts a monthly live radioshow for Berlin based Sweat Lodge Radio.

At the moment Ossios is the resident DJ and works for bookings at Papaya Playa Project in magical Tulum, Mexico. He combines different influences and aesthetics through a very simple formula, trying to create work sketches to bring emotions focused on the dancefloor; his music takes its influences from the sounds of Detroit / Chicago House, Deep House and soulful Techno. We like to call it "Hypnotic - raw - timeless music."

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