Sacrebleu is the lovechild of Lauri Ampuja, also known as Late (Immerse Records, Disfigured Dubz, Mad Max Mattel). It was born from his love towards electronic music and his contempt towards genre boundaries. You can hear influence of techno, hip hop, electroclash, UK garage, italo disco, 80's pop and film scores. Also, extraordinary french singers. All the influences are as obvious as they are irrelevant.

What truly matters here is the joy of creating, listening and experiencing music. Sweet, dirty, twisted, strange, yet surprisingly touching, music.

Sacrebleu has no agenda. Sacrebleu has no mission.
Sacrebleu has no past, no future.
sacrebleu is the music of now.
Sacrebleu is the shit.
And don't try to cross my shit.

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