Muuan Mies

Muuan Mies

Muuan Mies is a project built around the lyrics of Ismo Puhakka, the driving force of Muuan Mies.

The group is originally from Jyväskylä and has been releasing their material via the Helmi-Levyt imprint. It's perhaps difficult –and also useless to categorise Muuan Mies into any strict genre of music. You will find influences of rap, folk and reggae just to name few.

The drive of the band takes listener forward into rhythm and catchy vocals, resulting an output of something unique –away from the mainstream finnish usualites. Other musicians of the group are Arwi Lind, Jaakko Eino Kalevi ja Petri Alanko, all veteran players in many different projects throughout years. The debyt album of Muuan Mies was released back in 2009, and the succesful story has continued since that.

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