Ässämix started DJing in 1997. Drum & Bass was his main focus during the first years while making mixtapes and learning to spin at parties. Later he got heavily into reggae and was involved with the Komposti Sound System and played turntables in the reggae group Kapteeni Ä-ni.

He was also part of the hip-hop collective Salamaryhmä.

He has worked with the likes of LBJ, Soul Captain Band and Super Janne.
His main DJ-partners throughout the years have been Docius, DJ Flava and his brother, DJ/Producer DAK.

Nowadays his crates include styles ranging from old soul and funk records to hip-hop, reggae, house, techno and beyond.

"My strategy as a DJ is to stay curious and keep an open mind.
I believe that you can find dope music in all the genres.
That said, maybe when I have time I'll get into some old trance or country records and start digging!"

When Ässämix is not searching for new music, he works as a freelance drummer and classical percussionist.

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