Bon Jouni

Bon Jouni

Bon Jouni is a singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. He fuses acoustic guitar based folk and shameless pop melodies with a little bit of scandinavian melancholy and bleak hopefulness.

Bon Jouni is a pseudonym of Jouni Pesola, who is more familiar of being Candyass Hairboy, the keyboard player of Thunderbaum. Transformation to Bon Jouni is a big step away from Thunderbaum's ass-kickin' riff rock. While sweating, trashing keyboards and being increadibly stupid with the Morons Of Rock is still the most fun that he can imagine, the birth of Bon Jouni was inevitable. A path for deeper tunes had to be created.

Bon Jouni proudly waves the flag of the new DIY generation of artists. Who needs a record deal when you can do it all by yourself? Nowadays, the basic education of a singer-songwriter includes few extra courses. While learning to play the guitar, drinking beer and trying to make it as a musician you may accidentally also learn few other things too, like recording, mixing, producing, graphic design, web programming, marketing, pole dancing, knitting, etc. And if you don't learn all the tricks, I bet some of your friends can fill in the gaps. Bon Jouni has graduated from this new school of musicians and the final thesis is now for all the world to see. The debut album A Beautiful Never-Ending Nothing was released 13 April 2011.

...and the name, oh yes, he gave himself a bad name.

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