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UK, Hustle Audio

Being a raver since the early days and originally got into the hardcore and techno sounds around 1991-92 PM used to memorise MC's from tapes and really used to buzz off the thought of chatting to all those people.

He first started MCing back in 1994 when he met one of the Quest resident DJ’s Nexus. He used to come and play tunes down the under 18's club and one day PM just asked him if he could have a go on the mic, he said yes and ever since then he’s been hooked on MCing.

After holding down residencies around the local scene he met up with Devize and the 3D Mode crew and has been MCing for them on various radio shows ( Koollive, District, Kinda Funky Radio, Pyrotechnic) including a guest appearance on Kool FM London and various parties. He also gained residencies for Stimulus/Underground City, Raveology, Substance, Deckadance, HQ, Above and Beyond, Deckology and has been doing work for Co lab recordings.

He has also featured on a release on 3D Mode produced by Devize called "Ten Tymez" so look out for that. In his own words: ”I like to think of myself as a versatile MC, I have worked with various different DJ's ranging from Andy C, Clipz to Loxy, Dylan right though to AI and Nu Tone. I am at home MCing to various styles of music”.

Forward to present MC PM has recently featured on the track "call to war" by phibes which was released on Hustle Audio and has gained residencies for nights such as Breakthru, Circles, Liquid Sessions, Hustle Audio, Pandemik and Offworld recordings. He has taken his mcing further afield has performed in Austria, Berlin, Finland and performing at Sun and Bass 2012 in Sardinia. He has also appeared on Bassdrive radio as part of a live recording which reached a large worldwide audience.


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