Jesse is a band that has done almost everything that can be done with electronic music in Finland. Members of the group Keke and Ana, started out playing freaky, trashing and fast synthesizer music, evolved it into a jam krautrock-style bangers and went on to vibe afro moods and put more trust in the essence: the rhythm.

In five years they have toured widely in Finland and Europe, released 2 albums on Finnish indie label Gaea and been remixed by Diskjokke, Jori Hulkkonen and Randy Barracuda.

Their music has a unique vision, very special sound, that is always pushing the barriers far to another world of undiscovered mixture of everything that is good. Nothing is forbidden, still rockin’ in the free world, from here to eternity.

In May 2012 Jesse released their third album on Haista records and they are now playing all around the known universe. These are the finer things in life.

Dubbing & Funkin mix

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