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Vesa Yli-Pelkonen


Vesa Yli-Pelkonen plays the vinyls he collects, both with passion. Would you drive across Finland to pick up a rare disc? At Vesa's sets, there are always some amazing rare tracks to die for.

The Wahoo! DJs (a.k.a. Leftside Ensemble DJs) Sampsa Vilhunen and Vesa Yli-Pelkonen come from Helsinki, Finland, and are best known for their Wahoo! club night held at the legendary Umo Jazz House from 2001 to 2007 and after that at various other venues. Moreover, the Wahoo! DJs spin their vinyls at various other parties and club nights throughout Finland and rest of Europe.

At the present day, the broad musical spectrum of Wahoo! includes e.g. dancefloorjazz, soul, rhythm & blues, funk, disco, and Brazilian and Latin sounds from 1950's to the contemporary times. In focus are also the special Finnish pearls from these genres. While many club nights promise versatility in music on paper, these guys are naturals in really fulfilling those expectations – with all the right records.

In addition to the quality selection of wide range of music styles, Wahoo! has become an acknowledged club night for its great crowd, atmosphere and fierce dancing tradition. During the years many top Djs and live acts of the scene have performed at Wahoo! nights. Wahoo! has also hosted great “Helsinki ! Soul” all-nighters and special theme events called “A Go Go” and “The Big Shake” have become as parts of the Wahoo! context.

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