Dolphin Dós


Dolphin Dós


Roope Hämäläinen aka Dolphin Dós is a Helsinki-based underground DJ wanting to bring up the heat to the Finnish techno scene.

Dolphin Dós is only 22 years old and has been part of the 'New Movement' with Antti Salonen, Emma Valtonen, Niko Likainen, Heikka Rissanen, Jussi Niskanen... At the dawn of becoming an adult, he found alternative reality: the underground (HYTKY, Entropy, Deep Space Helsinki, Cosmic City and others).

Growing up listening to progressive rock and jazz, he's always been searching for something else and something extracurricular when it comes to soundwaves. Melancholic landscapes, pulsating rhythms, minimalism, abstact beat hopping, dark groove, nasty beats and intergalactic phuture disco (not forgetting sublime ambient painting) are definitely a trademark for him. Nature and space are the main sources of inspiration and listeners propably can recognize those aspects from his sets.

For him, Dj:ing is a language and a way of expression, not the top of the world or ultimate symbol of stardom. "Remember to praise the music, not the DJs.".

There is no true sound, there is simply good music and bad music. The good cop and the bad cop. Which one is he? Find out yourself.

"Music is a linear universe. Constantly changing and evolving but it never ends. Never."


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