Gracias is one of the leading Finnish rappers who perform in English mixing styles from Helsinki hood with East Coast US hip hop. His LIVE band will leave no-one cold in Finnish summer, even though it is ultimately cool.

Gracias (Deogracias Masomi May 6th 1987) Hailing from The Democratic Republic Of Congo, (formerly Zaire (the place where Muhammad Ali knocked Foreman out.)) Kinshasa. At the age of four, around 1992 D. Masomi moved up north to Helsinki, Finland alongside his mother to join his father and spark up hope for a better life. At the time DRC was getting torned down by the civil war and riots. In other words Gracias and his family became refugees.

“I was Wyclef, moms was Lauryn Hill and pops was Pras. Jokes. Still remember seeing snow for the first time in my life. Bugged out.”

Finally the whole family obtained a permanent residence permit and settled in the northeast of Helsinki, Malmi. Later on Bmac (Pukinmäki).

“Pukinmäenkaari apartments 3-5. Grimey.”

Gracias made his debut in 2007 (as Luminate) with the mixtape Listenin Comprehension. Luminate faded himself away for a couple of years mainly because the bullshit politics in music and cheap beer. Uninspired by the state of hiphop, Luminate was quietly laid to rest. Metaphorically speaking.

Gracias fell back and nourished his ears and soul with that vintage, golden-era, gritty hip-hop sound. He then reinvented himself after realizing how much passion he had for rap music + the local fanbase, consisting of little kids who were constantly demanding for new material. That was bugging the shit out of his nerves.

“I was in a crazy hip-hop state. Bumping all the oldies I had slept on. Mf Doom, Pharcyde, Wu-Tang, Slick Rick, A Tribe Called Quest, Shaheim etc.” 

The beer price has gone up and a direct quote from Gracias goes:

“Fuck the politics. I really enjoy doing this just to do it, smell me?”

Mind on track, pens sharpened and a lot of good people on the production boards, we present to you GRACIAS. Be Safe.


Club series hosted by Gracias

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