colonization 337

colonization 337

Colonization 337 is a collaboration with three musicians, often heard in the music scene, but rarely together with their dark, spacerock melodies and hypnotic beats, as Colonization 337.

The energy, the rituals, the dimensions, harmony, unity and beauty are the first to hit the listener when the three immediate gentleman Teemu Markkula, Janne Lastumäki and Stiletti-Ana play synthetic and organic, mindless, and intelligent music as Colonization 337. Their musical avalache comes from the strive to seek the border region of unconsiousness and consiousness. Twist of old krautrock beats coming together with melacholic and electronic vibes - that is the sound from finninsh electronic undergroud.

The songs are from their debut album, released 2011, rarely to be heard live. As the night gets darker we can see the performance coming alive - it's Colonization 337.

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